About Red Schmed

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Red Schmed enjoys going fast and being upside down. She was an acro gymnast for almost fifteen years, even competing for Scotland a few times, before her desire to get a degree forced her to start spending more time the right way up.

Photo credit: The Image Cella

By 2017, she simply couldn’t live that way anymore, so started pole dancing in order to spend as much time as possible upside down. She immediately became completely obsessed and discovered that her legs are too long for Instagram. In 2019, she won the Instructor category at Miss & Mister Pole Scotland because apparently you should always be a t-rex.

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Photo credit: Pammie Cameron Photography

She loves conditioning, and will plank anywhere and everywhere. Her favourite tricks include straight-edge, pegasus and superman. She is the handstand queen and will incorporate handstands into pretty much everything she does.

She holds Beginners and Intermediate instructor qualifications with Spin City, and hopes to go on to complete more advanced instructor training in the near future.

Image credit: Millie Robson Photography

Red is excited to share her love of upside-downing with you soon, and in the meantime you can find her on Instagram and YouTube at @RedSchmed.

  • PDC Three Star Instructor
  • Spin City Beginners Pole Fitness
  • Spin City Intermediate Pole Fitness
  • Xpert Spinning Pole
  • Xpert Essential Science of Heels
  • First Aid Trained

If you are interested in booking Red for a workshop or performance, please get in touch!